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Photo: Roxray  John Day Fossil Beds National Monument, Painted Hills Unit Kimberly, OR
Wiki Loves Monuments (WLM)    press@wikimediadc.org

Ghost in The Big House
Out NOW!  Americana

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"I really love this album, songs and performance. Production is sparse and very effective ...
love the steel, harp etc placed delicately .... I’ve been listening and this is my favorite album for the past year. 
And that says a lot."

Bill Wence                                                   Bill Wence Promotions, Nashville

Praise for JackDaw and No Cactus                                                                                           

"When I got the CD through to review, I listened to it ... then I listened to it the second time and I thought that's
pretty good ... and I listened the third, fourth and fifth time. Each time I played it, I got more and more into it ...
I thought, I rather like this CD”

Mike Wistow

Greg Johnson                                              Maverick Magazine

" authentic feeling of Willie Nelson or Waylon Jennings...
This is an excellent album... great musicians, fine songwriting and a wonderful laid back groove."

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